“I am a 40 year-old man who is used to doing heavy work on my farm on a daily basis. However, after a slip and fall accident, I was suffering from constant, severe low back pain and upper back pain from disc herniations and subluxations. I couldn’t even stand up straight! When I went to the emergency room, they gave me drugs but it didn’t work! After 2 1/2 months of corrective chiropractic care . . . No medications! No surgery! No back pain! . . . And I could stand up straight and get back to work and take care of my family!”
Mike M. (Petaluma, CA)

“I came to Redwood Chiropractic for relief of chronic pain and functional instability resulting from multiple disc injuries. The treatment was painless and effective. I’m now pain free, sleep better and have normal movement. I was even able to return to work. Thank you for giving me my life back!”
E.G. (Petaluma, CA)

“I’m only 15 years old and have had headaches ever since I was 4y.o. Before I came to Redwood Chiropractic, I would get headaches 2-3 times a week. My headaches lasted about 3-4 days. I was in so much pain. My back hurt too. After about 3 visits, I stopped getting headaches and I felt more energetic. Dr. Taatjes is a great doctor and I would recommend him to anyone.”
J.R. (Rohnert Park, CA)

“My daughter referred me to Redwood Chiropractic when I moved to Petaluma. I have always had upper back and neck stiffness. I have found that Dr. Taatjes’ techniques are gentler than chiropractic care I have had previously. My movements are easier and my range of motion has improved. My headaches have completely disappeared!”
D.B. (Petaluma, CA)

“On my first visit to Redwood Chiropractic, I was in tears and had to have someone drive me to the office. I was unable to walk, sit or stand at all. After my first treatment on the DRX9000, I felt a little better. After each treatment, I felt better and better. As I continued my treatments my pain was finally down to a 0/10 on the pain scale. The doctors and staff are so professional and also very kind. I don’t know what I would have done with out the DRX9000, Dr. Taatjes and Redwood Chiropractic. Thank you!”
S.M. (Novato, CA)

“I was in really bad shape. I had had 2 previous epidurals and 2 nerve blocks. I had “Drop Leg Syndrome” and would fall unexpectedly. I was 34 with 2 kids and a single mom. I was on Percocet, Flexeril, Valium, etc. It was horrible! After just a few decompression and chiropractic treatments, I was starting to feel better again. After only 3 months, I can’t express how I felt!! I was aligned again. NO MORE DRUGS! NO MORE PAIN! I took my kids to the beach and jogged (slowly!) with my dog and stopped and cried. I was so thankful!”
A.T. (Petaluma, CA)

“I started coming to Redwood Chiropractic after a car accident. I was having lower and upper back pain. While going to Redwood Chiropractic, my back pain completely disappeared. I am also able to sleep better and I feel more relaxed.”
M.F. (Santa Rosa, CA)

“I found myself in dire straights with a back injury due to my lifelong involvement with horses. We started raising and showing American Miniature horses. You do a lot of bending down – very hard on your back. Not only has chiropractic enabled me to continue to enjoy our horses, it has also recently helped me manage my blood pressure.”
D.F. (Penngrove, CA)

“I got sick all the time. Ever since I was little, the doctors would poke me with needles and make me take medicine. But I was still sick. I didn’t like going to the doctor. After talking with Dr. Dao, I decided she could be my doctor. I don’t get stressed out about going to the doctors anymore. But best of all, I haven’t been sick since my 1st adjustment! I love my chiropractor! I like getting adjusted! DO THIS FOR YOUR KIDS!!!”
Q.C. (Petaluma, CA)

“I didn’t know what else to do. I had been to chiropractors before but it didn’t seem to help. I thought I would try one more. By the time I went to Redwood Chiropractic, I was in excruciating pain, which turned out to be a bulging disc. Pain medicine only gave me temporary relief and I even started to get really depressed. I wasn’t very pleasant to be around. After starting care at Redwood Chiropractic, I was able to walk and stand up straight. I even grew about 3 inches taller! I can now do the things I couldn’t do before: gardening, working, movies and even the dishes. I’m so glad I listened to a friend who told me about Redwood Chiropractic. Thanks for giving me my life back!”
G.B. (Rohnert Park, CA)

“I have been training for the strongman competition and it isn’t the kindest thing one can do to the body. Healing is the number one goal and the stresses that come with lifting 1000lbs. on your back can compound immensely without a sound back and trunk…Chiropractic helps with fewer days of recovery and I’m not as hesitant to do things that might challenge me. Not only is it a positive part of my training and healthy regimen, The doctors at Redwood Chiropractic are also very eager to take an active role n my state of well-being over and above chiropractic, that makes me feel like I’m in good hands!”
C.G. (Petaluma, CA)

“I couldn’t get comfortable in any position due to my neck, back and shoulder pain. I couldn’t sleep either. Feeling hopeless and unable to work, I had scheduled cortisone injection and fusion surgery. After treatment with the DRX9000, my pain level went from an 8/10 to a 0/10. My experience has changed my life. I can work again as a contractor. I am also able to go hiking, mountain climbing and fly fishing PAIN FREE!”
J.J. (Petaluma, CA)