The same technology that is used to break up kidney stones now is used to increase circulation, break up scar tissue/calcifications and stimulate migration of stem cells and growth factors to injured areas.

Stem Wave Therapy – TRT OrthoGold 100 is an exciting, breakthrough option in the field of regenerative medicine. It is an advanced, effective, non-invasive and safe way to treat painful musculoskeletal conditions, degenerative conditions and chronic pain. All without needles, anesthesia, pain medication or expensive hospitalization.

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Thousands of patients throughout the country have experienced pain relief from Stem Wave Therapy’s drug-free, non-invasive treatment!

Proven Effective

Independent studies proved Stem Wave Therapy to be a highly effective treatment for various health conditions related to damaged bone and muscle tissues. The results indicate that up to 91% of patients experience successful healing.

Activates Connective Tissue

Connective tissue is the building matrix of the body, it supports, protects and gives structure to all types of tissue. Stem Wave Therapy uses electro hydraulically produced sound waves that are directed at unhealthy tissue within an injured area. This activates the tissue to improve and accelerate your bodies own natural healing process.

Breaks up Calcification
Trauma to the tendons can generate calcified fibroblasts in the injured area. Calcified fibroblasts cause chronic pain which decreases mobility. Using shockwave pulses, calcification is cleared from the damaged area after being broken into small particles that are easily absorbed by the body. This reduces pain and restores function.

Stem Wave Therapy is a strong option for patients who want to avoid surgery, prescription medication, or injections. Activate your own stem cells without invasive procedures.


Do you know how good it feels to have no pain? AMAZING. So, if you’re in pain and need relief, come and try this. It’s so well worth it!”
– Terri (Cronic Knee Pain)

For the first time in many years I didn’t have pain… It just brought back life to me that I haven’t had in so many years.”
– Chelsey (Chronic Back Pain)

If you’re going through any type of pain like I have, this is a really good treatment. I’ve been suffering for almost two years. I got to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed, and now I think the benefit of this treatment is more than you could imagine. It’s off the scale of 10. I would give it a 180. ”

– Ms. Adams (Chemo Induced Peripheral Neuropathy)